Homecoming Memories 2013.10.02


Leading up to Morenci’s 2013 Fall Homecoming, Morenci Area High School alumni reflect on homecoming festivities of the past.

In 1977 I was driving my Dad’s F-150 in the parade with all the cheerleaders in the back, thinking I was so cool, when the truck overheated under the stop light and all the cheerleaders ran and jumped in another truck...and I was left stranded.

– Mike Wilson


I remember the excitement, the size of the crowds and the anticipation leading up to Friday night.

– Josh Baumgartrner, Class of 1994


The Class of 2010 getting disqualified for having a float that was a pile of rocks on a utility trailer.

– Colin Walker


I remember the football game sandwiched between the very important activities of building floats and getting them in the parade, and getting ready for and attending the dance. The social stuff was so important!

– Megan Bovee, Class of 1981


We used to build floats in Russell Sutton’s barn next to the cemetery. I think we also swung on a rope in the hay mow.

– Margaret Rorick Beach


The parades through town were a lot of fun. We started at the high school parking lot with the band leading the way. There were pick-up trucks filled with football players and cheerleaders, the class floats, and convertibles carrying the homecoming court. All the employees and owners of the downtown businesses would gather on the sidewalks to cheer on the football team, and the elementary school students lined Page Street waving and cheering. It really made homecoming feel like a celebration.

– Kim Ekins, Class of 1981


I remember how the school and community rallied together to make homecoming a memory that will last forever with the parade, huge crowds of fans at the football game and the pride that came with being a Morenci Bulldog.

– Phil McCaskey, Class of 1984


The Class of 1983 won first place all four years of high school. We were super proud of our class’s teamwork and creativity. It was a lot of work but tons of fun hanging out and working together.

– Janice Clelland Donnell


I remember how hot the wool band uniforms were and how we did some pretty elaborate marching band configurations when Mr. Rodenbeck was band director.

– Ted Hutchison, Class of 1977


My memories mostly involve going to homecoming with a group of friends. Finally, in my senior year, I had a date to the dance, but it was a big let down. The guy didn’t even dance with me, or talk to me much. I ended up dancing with the girls, and I never went out with him again.

– Ivy Hutchison, Class of 1978


I had the honor of being on homecoming court with my best friend, Denae Merillat, my senior year, and I remember two sweet little girls asking Denae for her autograph.

– Chelsea Howard, Class of 2010


I remember the floats, pep rallies and parade. Float building was big and competitive—the more tissue flowers there were on the float, the better the chances were to win. At half-time of the game the floats were paraded around the track in front of the home bleachers as the winner was announced.

At the pep rally the cheerleaders took the floor to hand out the Spirit Stick to the class that yelled the loudest.

– Shelley Baugh, Class of 1988


I was a member of one of the worst football teams in school history, so I’ve repressed my own homecoming memories.

I do have a distinctive homecoming memory, however, from the year I was chosen to serve as one of the float judges. We didn’t actually choose the best float because we were provided with a rating scale and the winner was the float with the most points. That was the year they let the middle school kids enter the competition and their float ended up with the most points. I don’t think they were ever allowed to build a float since then.

– David Green, Class of 1968


Float building, float building, and float building. I have lifelong memories of building floats.

– Michelle Bovee, Class of 1984 


The week of wacky dressing up days leading up to the homecoming game.

– Ronda McCaskey, Class of 1984


Our freshman year the only place we were able to build our float was Ashley Phebus’s house clear out on White Pine Highway.

Our float was nothing but torn Kleenex and chicken wire by the time it was pulled into the school parking lot. Needless to say, we came in last place.

– Molly McDowell, Class of 2000