Mrs. Kruger's class tastes the new Oreos 2012.10.03

When Morenci English teacher Sally Kruger heard about the arrival of Nabisco's new Candy Corn Oreo cookie, and when she heard about the heated discussions that followed its release, she knew she had something for her sophomore writing students to chew over.

That decision led to an initial problem: Obtaining a package of the new cookie. The "limited edition" cookie was distributed only by Target stores so she checked a location in Jackson when she was in the area. Sold out. She went to Toledo and they were sold out, too.

A new delivery arrived, but it was also sold out before her arrival. Finally, she had a friend from the Toledo area hurry to the store when the next shipment arrived and Mrs. Kruger had cookies to distribute to her students.

The writing assignment asked students to present an opinion, present some evidence and come to a conclusion.

Following are a few of the results, led off by Mrs. Kruger's example.

By Sally Kruger

oreos bagNot being a huge fan of Oreos, I wasn’t particularly excited about taste-testing the new Oreo flavored with candy corn. My usual feeling toward Oreos is that I’ll have one or two from the package and everyone else is welcome to the rest. That pretty much sums up my reaction after trying the new flavor. One was plenty.

The initial smell hovering above the newly opened package was pleasant enough to stimulate the flow of saliva. That, along with the bright yellow and orange sandwiched between the vanilla wafers made them an appealing and tempting treat.

The first bite was a nice surprise—very sweet with the combined smooth icing and cookie crunch. Although I didn’t detect the signature candy corn flavor, my reaction was, at first, positive. That reaction may be due to the fact that my first bite included both cookie and filling.

Wanting to test the unique candy corn flavoring, I opened the remaining cookie pieces and sampled just the icing. Very sweet, sickeningly sweet, cloyingly sweet. No hint of the famous candy corn flavor as far as I was concerned.

Another negative, from my perspective, was the texture of the cream filling. It was smooth but perhaps too smooth. My disappointment increased due to the lack of candy corn flavor combined with an icing texture unlike what I had come to expect in an Oreo. A lingering after-taste hovered on the back of my tongue.

Overall, I found this limited edition Oreo not worth a second helping. 

By Tyler James

New in September of 2012! Candy Corn Oreos! It’s the first Oreo with actual different flavor profiles.

You could definitely count me in on buying a box of these limited edition Oreos. I would actually buy these cookies because they taste different from all other Oreos. Although these cookies are considered a stunt product, I believe they are far from that.

Besides the fact that they’re only sold at Target, they still are selling well. I think that other major stores like WalMart or Meijer should start selling these cookies also to boost their popularity. The price Target charges for these limited edition Oreos is $3.59 retail, but expect to pay more than that at some registers.

Oreo chose a weird holiday candy to copy, after did a poll concluding that candy corn is the second most hated candy. I think should do a poll of the new Oreos!

By Dakota Goldsmith

Have you ever tasted something so delicious, you instantly want another bite? That is how I felt after I tried the candy corn Oreos. They are one of the best cookies I’ve tasted in a while.

The first thing I did was smell the cookie. It had an amazing smell and had me torn between keeping the smell and trying it. I then tasted it, and my mouth was covered with the delightful flavor of this cookie. While the cookie was very sweet and good, it did not have the signature flavor of candy corn. It is the first time Oreo has tried to work with a specific flavor so I will cut them some slack.

I bet you’re wondering why I enjoyed them if they were not candy corn flavored. I enjoyed these because of their nice look and texture. I even enjoyed these more than the original Oreo. So, whether you enjoy Oreos or not, this cookie needs to be tried. I hope this cookie can become the most popular cookie in America. I believe it is that good.

By Samantha Mikuski

Are they really that good? I love the Oreo cookie. They make me happy and fascinated, but a candy corn Oreo? 

It looked fine, and it smelled amazing, like a freshly opened bag of candy corn. The unique coloring of the icing inside made me wonder. It tasted amazing, so sweet, so amazing. They had me wanting more.

This new cookie is just what the world needs. Yes, it may not taste exactly like candy corn, but it made you want more. I think these new Oreos are a success, although the original can’t be beat. Since this is the first time that they combined with another flavor, it makes it even better. Just the smell is enough to make your mouth water and make you want them.

Now you have heard my story on this new creation of genius. I wish I could shake the hands of the people who made them. It’s your turn now to decide. Are you for or against this new Oreo? Maybe before you know it, they will come out with another work of art and flavor.

By Gabi Acuna

Oreos are a taste associated with American childhood. It’s a taste we all easily recognize. The combination of Oreos and milk is about as American as apple pie. I personally am one of the millions of Oreo supporters in this country. However, upon tasting the candy corn Oreo, I was thoroughly disappointed.

It is blatantly obvious that the very notion of a candy corn flavored Oreo is a feeble attempt at increasing profits. I had expected more of the so-called cookie company. The initial bite that slithers forward is an overwhelmingly sweet taste intermingled with an addictive morsel that makes my head ache. Its texture is similar to swallowing a sugary dolphin; overly smooth. It tastes nothing at all like candy corn.

How long must the American people live with the metaphorical wool pulled over their eyes. It is time for action. We must stand up against this charade of false advertising. I can already envision the bloated, bulging stomachs of our youth, their sticky fingers snatching up more and more of these detestable cookies. These poor children have been hoodwinked into the consumption of this candy corn scam. Please never purchase these cookies. Do it for the children. I will not rest until this horror is over.

By Emily Schmidt

On September 10, 2012, a new Oreo cookie was released for the world to enjoy. This is the first time Oreos have teamed up with a one of a kind flavor. What is this? you may ask. Candy corn flavored Oreos. After trying one for myself, I’ve decided that they are appealing to the taste.

Candy corn Oreos are like no other. They are much sweeter than your average Oreo, although I can’t say it quite captures the candy corn taste I was expecting. I also like the vibrant colors and smooth texture of the frosting. The orange, yellow, and white patterns of the frosting really appeal to the eye and create that fall setting you get when eating real candy corn.

Their characteristics and more are what makes candy corn Oreos so unique. With a one of a kind flavor, they are set apart from the rest. Who knows, maybe candy corn Oreos will pave the way for more one of a kind flavors to make their mark.

By Heath Sharp

Don’t you just get excited whenever you find out Oreos have a new flavor? Well, I do, and let me tell you, the limited edition candy corn flavored Oreo is quite delicious.

Candy corn Oreos are truly amazing. Now I thought, hey, that’s kind of a unique flavor, although candy corn isn’t one of my favorite candies. I wasn’t quite sure if I would like it or not. The first smell of them was so astounding. I took my first bite of the cookie, and enjoyed one of the best cookies I have ever had. The filling was so sweet within the vanilla flavored wafer. I don’t think anything could have been better about the new flavor, except having a glass of milk.

The candy corn Oreo, like I said, is a very delicious product. You can’t go wrong with this cookie. It’s truly amazing.

By Malachi Hoffman

When I first encountered the candy corn Oreo, it was love at first sight. I already thought it sounded good because of the fact that candy corn and Oreos are two God-given, delicious snacks. Every fall I chow on candy corn 24/7, and as Oreos are milk’s favorite cookie, you can call me Milk. It would take filet mignon grilled by Rachael Ray for me to turn down an Oreo.

The very sight and smell of the candy corn Oreo made my mouth water. It was two beautiful round golden wafers filled with smooth, creamy, yellow and orange frosting. My first bite was like entering heaven. It was so sweet and yummy. I can see why they were so hard for Mrs. Kruger to get ahold of.

To those of you who have not tasted the candy corn Oreo, boy, are you missing out. For you Oreo lovers, candy corn lovers, or even someone who just loves sweets, get ready for a new favorite snack. These are the bomb!

By Bobby Black

Once I heard the words “candy corn Oreos” come out of Mrs. Kruger’s mouth, I almost fell out of my chair rejoicing, just thinking of all the wonders that that cookie could do to my unworthy taste buds. But then it wasn’t just a thought, all of my dreams and fantasies came true as soon as she handed me that delicious looking cookie.

I had never thought the day would come. I was holding the most mysterious looking cookie I had ever seen. I brought the cookie up to my nose to breathe in the most glorifying, elegant, perfect smelling cookie. I thought it was too good to be true. There’s no way it was possible. I gently laid it in my mouth. It seemed I was calm enough to be getting heart surgery. I bit down into the flawless piece of magic, and then it hit me. A million thoughts went through my head. I figured out it wasn’t too good to be true after all. It was the single greatest piece of majestic, edible artwork that had ever been created.

I could go on and on about that amazing cookie. It was perfect in every way possible. I had never tasted anything better, but the question was, when could I get my hands on another one of these delicious cookies?

By Luci Shaffer

Candy corn Oreos! Sweet, crunchy, smooth, too. The new candy corn Oreos are the best! Trying them for yourself would be a good idea.

I am not the biggest fan of the Oreo cookie. I like them well enough but they aren’t a favorite amongst my taste buds. I was excited to try the new flavor provided by my English teacher, but I wasn’t expecting much. 

Boy, was I wrong! The first bite of the heavenly cookie was fantastic to say the least. By the time I was done, I was wishing I had more.

The cookie itself did not taste too much like the candy corn flavor I expected, but what I found was not disappointing. Scrumptious! is what I would say to the makers of this delicious cookie and well done.