2014.11.26 Fayette's open banking forum

Fayette’s Open Banking Forum, sponsored by the Fayette Chamber, attracted a standing room only crowd at the Opera House last week. It bore witness to the fact that this regional crossroad remains an economically vital and socially committed community where business takes place on a daily basis.

The purpose of the meeting was to update and inform those interested in local efforts to replace our bank. The opening comments reflected the reality that our economy has remained vibrant throughout the recent recession. That is a direct result of hard work and cooperation of those who live and work in the Fayette area. The forum also provided the opportunity for citizens to meet potential community banking partners. 

Opening comments described the economic condition of the Fayette area: our industrial park is near capacity, over 80 new jobs have been created within the past six months with many more in the immediate future. A significant construction project is underway that has created numerous jobs and will add to the property tax base.  As a result, Fayette finds itself in a position that most communities would desire.

The dialog that ensued reflected the thoughts of many area residents and their interest in Fayette's business community. 

The Chamber would like to thank the local newspapers for help spreading the word. While we appreciate internet technology, we elected to use newspaper ads, articles, handbills and flyers for this event. From the size of the turnout, that investment in local papers paid off.

– Tom Spiess

County Road S, Fayette