2014.11.05 Michelle Harris: Mill Street property

I am writing in response to the article in this week's Observer about the proposals for the city property that is for sale. The article mentions that the Mayor would like to purchase the property in order to use with the Motorsport Park he would like to build on the property he owns on the west side of Mill St.

I live on West Congress, right by the property, and while I understand that that this would create jobs and would bring in money to the city of Morenci I don't want to hear the sound from mud bogs, truck and tractor pulls, nor do I want to hear the sound of snowmobiles and go karts. It's bad enough that I have to put up with the noise and extra traffic from an open alley that runs adjacent to my property.

I understand that it is the Mayor's property to do as he pleases, however, I also think that the people in the area surrounding Mill Street should be considered.

– Michelle Harris

W. Congress Street