2014.10.08 Doyce Rupp: Sidewalks

My wife and I have been living on Coomer Street for over 48 years. The necessity of a sidewalk on the north side of our street is questionable.

The school events that draw large crowds does make it necessary for people to park on the north side, but nobody would use a sidewalk because they immediately cross the street.

Why don’t we improve our existing sidewalks and streets? Some sidewalks are without ramps at street intersections. Many streets need milling and resurfacing.

I invite any council person and our city administrator to review Coomer Street any time an event at the school draws a large crowd to observe the foot traffic. The pedestrians are on the south side where a sidewalk exists and the school is located.

Let’s improve our present infrastructure before spending on a project that is hardly beneficial.

– Doyce Rupp

Coomer Street, Morenci