2014.05.07 Ryan Shadbolt: Blue Human Condition

By now many of you have heard about or seen the “Blue Human Condition” sculpture in downtown Adrian that has been making headlines not just locally, but nationally and internationally as well. Like many artists before him, the sculptor of the piece, Mark Chatterley, pushes boundaries and creates art that is often open to multiple interpretations. For those not yet privy, the piece has created a stir as some viewers have found the piece to be too sexual for public display despite that no genitals are included on the androgynous human figures.

I am not suggesting that any one interpretation is right or wrong. Everyone is welcome to his or her own opinion. That’s part of what makes art so great! However, I am troubled by those taking this to the extreme of calling for the sculpture to be destroyed. Violence and destruction of art is not the solution here. Mr. Chatterley is not just an artist. He is also a friend of mine and a husband and father from Williamston, Mich. He is warm, kind, modest and humble. The amount of time, physical energy and emotion he puts into completing a single piece such as “Blue Human Condition” is far more than most realize.

I encourage everyone to visit the piece with an open heart and mind and see all of the potential interpretations intended by the artist, which often include symbolism of human emotion, unity and yogic postures. The sculpture is currently located in Yew Park of Adrian.

– Ryan Shadbolt, Ph.D.

East Lansing, Mich.