2014.04.30 Everett Cool: Recall effort

 Suggestions have been made recently that I am just upset because I did not get my own way. This is entirely untrue. I tried to stand up for what the people said they wanted. I was told by many that if someone would lead the way they would take up the charge and see this happen. These were intelligent people including two former City Councilors.

I have seen the Facebook commentary and the letters to this paper. I have also had conversations with at least one very prominent citizen. Most of the comments were made by people who have not been to a Council meeting in a very long time. I know this because I have reviewed the Council minutes for the past year. The one person I spoke to even told me that he was not aware of what the issue is exactly and did not know the current council very well.

This being said, I reached out to the people who pushed me to lead this and they have all chosen to back away. I have not had one agree to co-sponsor a refiling of the petition. This, by its very nature, is not something that one person does alone. So, I will not continue. 

I end this issue with these words. Do not listen to what I have to say. Do not take the word of anyone or get your information on Council proceedings from the newspaper. Things are happening now in City Council that will forever change this city. Go to the meetings and get the truth with your own eyes and ears and if you have the courage, speak your mind. If you don't, and you are surprised when something happens that upsets you, you'll wish you had.

– Everett M. Cool II

N. Summit St., Morenci