2014.04.23 Robb Sweet: Recall effort

Recall Petitions Disheartening

Wow, it is with a heavy heart that I learned this past week that three of my former City Council members are subject to a recall.

I had the privilege of serving a short while on Morenci City Council and it’s the experience that introduced me to some of the most amazing and interesting people of our town, one being former City Councilman, Everett Cool.

I had the privilege of serving alongside Mr. Cool and find it rather odd that he has chosen to take the route of a recall petition.

Is our City Council perfect? By no means, but one of my favorite lines from the movie Sea Biscuit is, “You don’t throw a whole life away just because he’s banged up a little.”

Our council may be banged up a little, but life is way too short to argue or find fault about what one may or may not think is the right move.

Let’s be thankful for our town and the people who are wanting and willing to serve. The decisions made at that table are not always easy, or they may be made with some sort of compromise.

Our town is facing some very serious decisions and decisions about the Police Dept. seem to be leading the way. I am asking that the Council, the citizens, and our community try to come together to get this resolved in a professional and open-minded way.

Morenci doesn’t need more black eyes. Let’s move forward in the best interest of everyone. (It’s a challenge, I know.)

“Scars show us where we have been, they do not dictate where we are going.” After all, you can’t get through life without getting a few scraped knees and elbows along the way.

– Robb Sweet

Whitney Avenue, Morenci