2014.04.23 Roger Gallup: Organ donations

Two years ago, April 20, 2012, I was lucky enough to receive a healthy liver from a very generous donor and their family. I am one of those “Baby Boomers” you’ve been hearing about that the CDC has recommended get tested for Hepatitis C. Most people don’t even know they have Hepatitis C; I didn’t have symptoms until I was 47. My first point is: please get tested.

My second point is: if you haven’t considered organ donation, please do. One donor can save eight lives and aid countless others with tissue donation. Age isn’t a factor. You might think you’re old and worn out, but everyone has some reusable parts.

You can visit www.organdonor.gov to learn more about  donation and register if you choose. Or our Secretary of State in Michigan can register you as well.

Two years post-transplant, and I am enjoying life with a new liver thanks to a very generous donor family who wanted to help a complete stranger.

– Roger Gallup

Sand Creek, Mich.