2014.04.02 Everett Cool: Police chief

I have been following the City Council as closely as I can because I wanted to be a part of what was happening, and resigning was forced upon me by unfortunate circumstances. The things that I saw bothered me greatly and I tried to encourage as much public participation as possible so that citizens could see for themselves what was happening and not through the eyes of others or the newspaper.  To this end I asked a friend to carry my own video camera into the last meeting and after reviewing it with my own eyes I am still greatly troubled. 

In December, four council members controlled the placement of a new candidate to head the police department.  They simply voted down the man they were against and put in another that they supported.  Form your own opinions about the experience or inexperience of the candidates. They realized after an altercation with the union that they had left the new man in the union and therefore unable to discipline other union members. This was corrected by elevating him to Interim Chief until a direction to fill the position permanently could be established, and apologies were made.  He left.

Now they are willing to leave your police department in the same condition that they said was a mistake before.  "It's not personal."   The truth is that they no longer have any alternative to use to keep Don Thompson down and they are willing to leave our police department in this unleadable condition, rather than put him in charge for any period of time until they establish their direction.  They have also upset theire own relationship with the union to such a degree that it appears unwilling to grant the protection of re-entry to Officer Thompson should he even take an Interim Chief position. 

It is simply incompetence and should be dealt with as such.

– Everett M. Cool II

Summit St., Morenci