2014.03.19 Gary McMurtrie: Police chief

I have followed the ongoing Morenci Police Department drama in my weekly State Line Observer for some time. First, our longtime Chief of Police suddenly accepts another job. Then an inexperienced officer is named “Interim Chief.” Then, we're told that the Interim Chief is no longer the Interim Chief, because council did not bother to consult a union contract to see if he was even eligible to be “Interim Chief.” And finally, it seems that we've come full circle. The single most experienced officer in our Police Department is now our “Interim Not-Chief.”

Here's a suggestion: How about the Morenci City Council quits playing games, put aside whatever personal animosities or biases they clearly seem to have, and appoint Don Thompson—-the single-most qualified candidate FOR the position, TO the position? Because, quite frankly, I've had quite enough of the Morenci City Council. It's painful to watch, and embarrassing to read about.

– Gary McMurtrie

Pearl St., Morenci