2014.03.12 Jim Driskill: Give the new dairy a chance

Since I have been accused of being not only naive, but also lacking in common sense, I feel compelled to respond.  Forty-five years ago, I was labelled naive as a beginning teacher by my older colleagues, for believing in the youth of that day. As I write this I am completing a fabulous year of being associated with one the most dedicated and hard working young men in 45 years, by strength training him. He is, in addition, his class’s valedictorian and he comes with Wisconsin roots like Milk Source.

Now in regard to the charge of lacking common sense, I plead guilty as charged. I am not perfect. However, I am a biblical Thomas, I am a doubter. So I have checked out Milk Source by asking for facts and references and I have found and been given many more positives than negatives. 

The $21,000 of annual recurring benefit figure comes from the University of Wisconsin department of Agriculture and Applied Economics. Now, while you can argue that any figure is a lie, however, in this day of the internet, I am sure it would have already been exposed.

Can I or Milk Source—or any other dairy, large or small—guarantee  that something wouldn't go wrong? No. However, I know that a dairy whose stated policy is not to spread manure on frozen ground and has a street sweeper on each farm to clean the roads, will correct it properly and in most cases exceed state and federal requirements.

All I am asking—and I know I am not naïve—is give Milk Source a fair chance to be a positive and not use something I abhor, guilt by association, by taking cheap shots at them.

On a side note, ask the eateries and other businesses how they like the increase in revenue from contractors and their workers now hard at work rebuilding the farms. Also, the area landowners don't mind the increase in land values. This brings needed dollars and cents in the area while they bring the farms up to the correct standards, before one heifer is put into production.

Mr. Blesing, I have already told Mr. Green I will write another letter if I am wrong, but I am sure it will not be necessary.

– Jim Driskill, Hudson