2014.02.26 David Blesing: Questioning dairy's impact

Apparently Mr. Jim Driskill, Lenawee County Commissioner, has accepted as fact the economic impact numbers presented by Jim Ostrom of Milk Source. According to Mr. Ostrom, these numbers were created by a group known as “Dairy Doing More.”

It appears to me that Mr. Driskill has raised being naïve to a new level. Accepting as gospel any carefully orchestrated presentation designed, bought and paid for by the presenting industry is beyond common sense.

As any person of average intelligence knows, there are two sides to every coin. I believe that all the citizens of Lenawee County might be better served if Mr. Driskill took a good long and hard look at the other side of this coin.

Two major questions that Mr. Kline brings up and that remain unanswered are:

1. Where do these numbers really come from?

2. Are they going to be positive or negative?

– David L. Blesing, Sr.

Lyons, Ohio