2014.02.12 John Klein: New dairy

It appears that dairy related manure currently being spread around Hillsdale and Lenawee counties may not be from cows. It's possible the BS is flying from another Source already.

The Daily Telegram story (January 10, 2014) stated that Milk Source informed the Lenawee County Commissioners that the economic impact to the community would be $147 million. Now the Hillsdale Daily News (February 5, 2014) has Mr. Ostrom stating a $90 million economic impact. Are these numbers based on any fact or just whatever come to mind at the time?

"Economic Impact,” along with "Sustainable," ”Stewards of the Land,” and "Innovative." 

I think we have heard these words before, 14 years ago to be precise. Vreba-Hoff Dairy confirmed violations neared the 1,000 mark before they closed. Our area experienced no noticeable increased positive economic impact from Vreba-Hoff Dairy. Although the state of Michigan (meaning us) did spend almost a million dollars for a better road leading to one of the dairies.

The $85-$147 million Milk Source economic impact predicts is interesting. I expect the economic impact to be pretty high myself.

I expect Milk Source will pocket $85-$147 million at the expense of those residents unfortunate to be in their path of destruction. If my experiences prove correct, Milk Source profits will come at the cost of decreased property values, unbreathable air, waste discharges to our waters, road destruction, increased dangerous traffic, excessive noise, illness, massive amounts of particulate matter in the air for us to breath, freely seizing hundreds of millions of gallons from our shared ground water and then dumping it back on the land as dangerous animal waste which contains feces, urine and whatever else makes it out of the back the dairy cows they use. I conclude that Milk Source can achieve the economic impact they are predicting by pretty much destroying the quality of life of those around them.

Thanks to the lack of foresight by the state of Michigan, it appears we cannot stop the Milk Source invasion. But welcoming them would be absurd by anyone with any common sense.

– John Klein, president

Environmentally Concerned Citizens of South Central Michigan