2014.01.22 Everett Cool: Council member surprised by denials

I am confused.

I was contacted last week only hours before the city council meeting by Mayor Foster. He informed me that George Truchan had some issues and asked me to call Mr. Truchan and take notes as a member of the Public Safety Committee. He explained that the chair and vice-chair of the committee were unavailable for this task. He felt that it was important to address the issue as soon as possible.

I had never spoken with Mr. Truchan before this date, and still have not met him. I introduced myself as a councilor and as a member of the Public Safety Committee when we began speaking. I asked Mr. Truchan what his issues were and we talked for about 20 minutes.

I believe that I was clear that I intended to share the conversation with the full council. I felt comfortable with how I related the conversation. There are now two things that leave me confused.

First, and most obvious, are Mr. Truchan’s denials. It does leave me confused, but since Mr. Truchan has chosen to take this position, I will not speak of our conversation again.

I do feel that my integrity was questioned, so I will do something to prevent this from happening in the future. The Finance and Legal Committee is currently working on a set of guidelines and policies for the city council. We have not had this in place before and felt that it was needed. I intend to propose a policy guideline that will require third party complaints of this nature to be voiced or put in writing by the party making the complaint only.

My second confusion was why the newspaper did not contact me after Mr. Truchan’s denial and allow me a chance to defend my statements before going to print. A recent editorial stated how the paper was often kept in the loop in the past with things that were not yet ready for publication and how they hoped to continue this with the new council. I was not given the chance to comment about the denial and had to write this letter since I still have not been contacted for further comment.

– Everett Cool

N. Summit Street, Morenci