2014.01.22 Hilda McCarley: Work together to help the city

Who said what and when? Do we have honest adults for our police department and our city? As for George Truchan denying what was said about Ryan Hillard and then urging officer Thompson and Ron Borck to take legal action. Then Truchan urged Thompson to sue Weeks and possibly the city because of statements made in a letter written by Weeks when he was employed as chief. My, my, someone has lost their memory. I don’t remember saying this. Well maybe meetings and phone conversations should be taped at all times and then can be played back.

As for 24-hour police coverage what happened to neighborhood watches like other cities have? Their crime is low and no cost. We need better street lighting.

It sounds like a bunch of elementary kids squawking. Grow up if you’re going to be here to help our city get in better shape. Work together not against each other.

We have nothing in this town for kids to do, all our jobs have left, you can’t sell your house, property taxes go up and property values go down. Things won’t change in a month or six months, because it’s Morenci.

– Hilda McCarley

Main Street, Morenci