2014.01.08 Everett Cool: Citizens should attend council meetings

My first two months on city council have revealed to me just how bad our city’s budget situation is. I had no idea before I started how much needed done. The question I ask is, “Do you know how much needs done?”

I have encouraged citizen attendance as we move forward this year, and I continue to do so now. You are entitled to attend every committee meeting, every council meeting, every department meeting that is held in your city. If you don’t know the full schedule, then call city hall, call your councilors, find out.

Issues like desperately needed equipment in your fire department, police department and EMS service are being discussed. Whether or not we should buy new land for our industrial park during this budget situation is on the table. Whether or not to have police on duty 24 hours a day should have your input.

I believe that we are at a crucial juncture in this city and now more than ever we need citizens to speak out on issues and make their opinions heard. Transparency in government comes when you refuse to be left out of what’s going on. Open meetings are useless if you don’t attend them.

The new budget is now being addressed and may be the most critical in recent history. Given the low balance in the city’s accounts and the many things that need done, now is the time for you to become the most important member of your city’s government...an informed and concerned citizen.

– Everett Cool

N. Summit Street, Morenci