2013.12.18 Joyce Woodby: Disappointed with condition of Oak Grove

My husband and I were residents of Morenci, Mich., for many years, and in 1986 we relocated to Kendallville, Ind. We have always subscribed to the Observer and still do.

About twice a year we return to the Morenci area to decorate our relatives’ graves. It’s usually about three weeks before Memorial Day and again before Christmas.

On Dec. 7, we were at Oak Grove Cemetery to put flowers on several graves. We were very shocked and disappointed when we saw the condition of the cemetery. It was in a very unkempt condition with lots of leaves and debris.

After putting wreaths on the graves in Morenci we went to the Lyons Cemetery and decorated graves and then Wauseon Union Cemetery. The Lyons and Wauseon cemeteries were beautiful. The grass was mowed, there were no leaves and they were very well groomed.

Why is Oak Grove Cemetery in Morenci not well cared for as it has been in the past? It’s such a shame to have what was once a lovely cemetery look like this now.

– Joyce Woodby

Kendallville, Ind.