2013.12.04 Doug Erskin: Disappointed with police issue decision

I am very disappointed in the council’s decision to select Ryan Hillard for interim Chief and to disregard what the majority of this community wanted to happen. Ryan, with three years part-time service and two years of full-time service, received a recommendation from Chief Weeks and one other from a community member, while Don, with 20-plus years service and previous experience with that position, received many recommendations from store owners and community members. It seemed that this council offered a deaf ear to the community and their concerns.

I hope that in the future, when it comes time to appoint a Chief of Police, this council will pay attention to the input of those in this community that are willing to come to these meetings and voice their concerns. These councilors are elected by those very people that come to these meetings. As councilors, your responsibility is to listen to the community and act on those concerns and recommendations in an objective way and not think for a minute that your responsibility is to do what you personally think is best.

– Doug Erskin

East Street N., Morenci