2013.12.04 Everett Cool: Editorial was inaccurate, unfair


Many issues were discussed by the candidates leading up to the recent election. Are none of these issues still on the table? The possible restructure of the police department was only the first one to come up. This is not a referendum.

Chief Weeks’s history has shown ambition beyond Morenci for some time. He ran for Sheriff in 2007. He applied for Chief in Tecumseh in 2010. He applied in Blissfield. During an interview with me while I deliberated what my position should be on the issue, he stated that he was seeking a new position and was not staying for a vote. We know that he took a position which was only open until Oct. 25. I applaud his ambition and wish him the best of luck.

Not only does last week’s editorial portray this ambitious man as a victim, but having been written before last Tuesday’s meeting, it suggests prior knowledge of the vote to appoint his replacement. It also places councilors in two clear camps for future business. My deliberations did not change to replacement until I received his resignation.

I simply take offense to the editorial’s assumption that my votes are pre-determined. I took time to review the qualifications of both possible  replacements. I listened to every public opinion that I could get. Before the meeting and during the meeting people spoke. I made my choice with facts and the guidance of civic leaders like a former mayor and most recent Public Safety Committee chairperson. Prominent business people spoke their opinions. Letters of recommendation were read and many respected citizens were heard.

I am confident that I voted based on the things I campaigned on. As we move forward in the new year I will continue to gather all of the facts about every issue and welcome as much public opinion as I can get before making a decision. No one can place me in any pre-determined spot on any issue, nor did anyone ask me for an opinion prior to the editorial. We only had one voting council meeting prior to the editorial and all issues were settled unanimously. I think all council members and the mayor should question being pre-slotted on issues we have yet to see.

Lastly, I take exception to the suggestion that many of the people who were not in support of Chief Weeks probably “had dealings with the police department in one way or another.” I received many calls from citizens on both sides of that issue and all were respectable and intelligent in their opinions. To make such innuendo about any citizen simply because of their position on an issue is uncalled for.

I hope that we get a full house or more at every council meeting like this last one. Make your opinion known. I sleep most afternoons and evenings, but e-mail me at lomax2525@yahoo.com. Checked several times a day. We can’t listen if you stop speaking out. Thank you.

– Everett Cool

N. Summit Street, Morenci