2013.11.13 Keith Pennington: Support for city council

As I mark the last day of my term as mayor, I would like to express my thanks to all who make Morenci a great place to call home.  Morenci is extremely blessed with citizens that look after each other.  Any community would be proud to have the staff and volunteers that we do, which keep our city thriving.  

By their very nature, political elections are divisive.  Candidates try to distinguish themselves from each other and to accentuate their differences.  While there are differences in style, methods and abilities, I believe that each candidate's broad goals for our community are very much the same.  We would all like to bring better job opportunities, additional commercial development, increased city services and more diverse recreational and cultural experiences to our city.

Therefore, it is important that as a community we unite and support our newly elected council and Mayor Foster.  We will not all agree on every little decision our leaders make.  However, we should be supportive of the broad goals for our community and see how we can build consensus to achieve them.

I am reminded as we approach the third anniversary of the disappearance of the Skelton boys, of what a united community can accomplish together.  In that instance, a willing community took up the challenge of a common purpose and searched for the boys for several days on end.  Our work is not finished in the Skelton case and neither is the good that a united community can accomplish together.  

I pray for our elected officials, that they will be granted uncommon wisdom in these unsettling days, and that our community will be blessed through their efforts.  Will you join me?

– Keith Pennington

Silver Creek Dr.