2013.11.13 Good Deeds: Service project

• Morenci Area Schools’ Day of Service project was a big hit among the recipients of the various leaf-raking efforts last week and a few of them told us about it.

Sue Wilson was visited by Mr. Bostick and his crew who made quick work of cleaning her yard and moving leaves to the curb.

“What a great group of kids,” she said.

Barb Shaffer’s yard was raked by Mrs. Whitehouse’s group and she’s grateful for the help. 

“I really appreciate it,” she said. “Great job, boys and girls.”

A bus transported students to the west side of town and one of the stops was at Fran Fether’s home with Mr. Hoffman in charge.

“As an older person,” she wrote, “it is hard to keep up with the falling leaves and they took care of them for me. Great kids and hard workers.”

We wonder if they take care of snowy sidewalks, as well.

• School crossing guard Bev Zuvers was the recipient of a good deed recently, also.

Rosemary Miles thought Bev looked cold standing out in the weather early in the morning, so she knitted a Bulldog scarf and gave it to Bev as a present.

“Acts like this make our community the best place to live in,” Bev said.