2013.10.30 Kyle Schaffner: Clarify statement

We would like to clarify a statement made by Mayor Pennington.

We are the owners of the property that could complete the industrial drive and we met with him. We were reasonable and were trying to make the sale work, but [we didn’t appreciate his approach]. He is trying to buy property at the taxpayers’ expense to complete the drive and he is wasting your money.

We feel that Bill Foster would make a good mayor because he has contacted us in a professional and respectful manner to make this sale/project happen at a much lower cost to Morenci taxpayers. As taxpayers ourselves, we would like to say that if Mr. Foster is voted in as mayor, he will save all of us a great deal of money because he is on the right path.

It is time for a change. If Mr. Foster is not elected as mayor, we can assure you that Mr. Pennington will not get the job done as he has already had his chance.

– Kyle Schaffner and Kristol Thomas

Morenci property owners