2013.09.05 Kebben Milliman: Response to Sand Creek writer

If a tree falls in Morenci and there is no one there to hear it...apparently the Lady in Sand Creek can.  The concerned “Sand Creek” area resident voiced some concerns in regard to the new yard waste pick-up policy and the fact that there are weeds growing in the cracks of some of our streets. 

I became so concerned that I got in the old black pickup truck and drove eastwardly down Union Street toward East Street. Much to my surprise she was correct, sort of. Being concerned, I then proceeded south on East Street to check on the possibility that there were weeds growing in the cracks of East Street that were tall enough to impede the truck traffic to our industrial park area. I also checked downtown and no weeds impeded my ability to go to the grocery store or the pharmacy.

Much to my relief the weeds were really scrawny. In fact there were very few weeds, probably due to the lack of precipitation that we have been experiencing. I figured, Oh well, the lady from Sand Creek was just lettin’ off steam.  Or whatever the folks in Sand Creek let off.

She also seemed concerned that the elderly folks were having trouble getting yard waste removed from their property. This is a concern of mine as well. Now that fall and winter are approaching the lack of removal services are going to be felt more than ever before. Especially with folks that are trending toward their more experienced years will need assistance with cleanup. 

I am sorry “Mrs. Sand Creek” but writing a letter to the editor isn’t going to help the seniors with their yard waste problem. The City of Morenci as well as other cities are suffering financially, some to the point of bankruptcy. I fear that the loss of yard waste removal is only the beginning of harder times to come. 

The Citizens of Morenci are good people. We, the people of Morenci, are going to have to assume some of the responsibilities that were once held by the city. If you know a senior citizen who needs help this year with leaf removal or other yard waste problems, answer the call for assistance. If you know someone that can help, volunteer them. The ladies at City Hall have my phone number and they know that “Me and the Boys” will be glad to help any senior with a problem. What about you? Are you ready? You are also invited over to help us “Mrs. Sand Creek.” 

The days of expecting the City to perform certain tasks are over, at least for a long time. Stop getting mad about the way things are. It doesn’t do any good anyway. It just gets your insides riled up.  And don’t be tellin’ the folks in Sand Creek about our problems. It’s embarrassing. Truth be told, I am sure they are having a few problems of their own. They just don’t have a local newspaper to vent their frustrations in. 

– W. Kebben Milliman

Cawley Rd., Morenci