2013.09.05 Gail Johnson: City's new phone system

How necessary is the new phone service at City Hall? I guess necessary enough to have the Observer publish a directory to help us wade through the unfriendly voicemail answering system recently installed. I have come to expect this response when calling most other businesses that I have to call. It is irritating, but I have learned to eventually get through.

I couldn’t believe when I called the Morenci City Hall and heard a recording which started to give me directions to reach many departments. Then a dial by name was introduced, that is worthwhile only if you know the name. Dialing by name has always gotten to me because when I am calling an institution I usually don’t have a name, just a purpose for calling. Then I chose 1 for City Hall and pressed 1 for City Administrator, indicating I could leave a voicemail for Renée.

I find all of this way out of proportion for a city hall with four employees and living in Morenci where we are so used to talking with a real person. Can’t we go back to being greeted by a real person?  How about the Friendliest Gateway to Michigan, a slogan of the past.

 – Gail Johnson

E. Congress St., Morenci