2013.09.05 Pearl Phelps: Opposed to aesthetics ordinance

I guess I don’t understand the position of the planning commission on standards for downtown buildings. I feel the business owners keep the appearance of their buildings clean and attractive. As far as replacing bricks on the front of buildings, it would entail quite an expense.

All of the businesses that have wood or steel siding have used “harmony” in choosing colors that complement each of the other buildings. I personally feel that steel siding on the side of the Observer building would be far more attractive than what appears now.

Our business owners are proud of our city and do what they can to keep it attractive. Who all of a sudden decided we are not representing our city well? Should we be ashamed of our buildings if they are not brick? Would the buildings be more attractive if they sat empty and deteriorating?

Why are we, as a community, not encouraging and supporting our business owners instead of putting more burden on them? We need city leadership that has a heartbeat for our businesses and community that does not always cost money, but increases the bottom line profit.

I plan on attending the next planning commission meeting to discuss this matter and would encourage other business owners to discover the reasoning behind this thought.

– Pearl Phelps

Whitney Avenue, Morenci