2013.05.30 Pearl Phelps: Shop in Morenci

I would like to express my concern for customers purchasing outside Morenci. The Morenci businesses are more than happy to support our local schools and community activities. I, in turn, would like to see these groups purchase their supplies from Morenci businesses. All sports equipment, trophies, banners and uniforms can be purchased from our local hardware or three other businesses. Individuals can also purchase sports “supplies” locally.

We have a local cemetery monument supplier, local movie theater with recent movies, bowling alley for family activity, pizza/ice cream shop for birthday parties or family gatherings, beauty and barber shops, a store with collectors’ items, dariette, dollar store, laundromat, car wash, banks, local dentist, insurance companies, drug store, attorney, therapist, eye doctor, cleaning company, hardware, three graphic and sports suppliers, local churches that need community support, accountants and tax preparers, schools, daycare, plant nurseries and lawn care, doctors, chiropractors, radio supplies, auto parts, golf course, campground, gem and jewelry, local paper for ads and announcements, and some that I’m sure I have not listed. Just look at the conveniences many other towns our size don’t have!

Remember how inconvenient it was when we didn’t have a grocery store?

Also, fund raisers can be done through several local businesses. I know there is a publishing company contacting businesses to place an ad for sporting events, but our athletic boosters will do the very same thing and retain 100 percent of the profits and not receive a small share from a company out of town.

There is much concern for local jobs, but if the local businesses are not supported, we may be losing more jobs as we see cutbacks from lack of work.

Please give some though to these comments.

– Pearl Phelps

Whitney Avenue, Morenci