2013.08.21 Clara Moore: Reader questions city's services

I am not a resident of Morenci, but I do subscribe to the Observer because I was raised there and enjoy keeping up with the news.

I am writing in regards to the Ordinance 13-80 of lawn upkeep, which I think is correct to make the city look good. My objection is why is the city not following this ordinance also? The streets on the west side of the city have grass and weeds growing through the cracks in the streets. Why?

In regards to brush not being picked up, I think it is a lack of management of city money. I was through Lyons, Ohio, last weekend and the city crews were picking up brush. If a city that small can do brush pick up, why can’t Morenci? Seniors in the city need the city to help them, not make them hire someone on their fixed incomes to take care of their brush. What happens when a storm comes through and trees are down? Are the people, especially seniors,  to clean up that mess too?

Why are the city’s taxes due a month earlier than the rest of the county? Morenci is supposed to be number two in the county for taxes. There is no industry in the city, why would anyone want to move there? No jobs keeps people away. 

While I’m on a roll, why do the city crews in the winter pile the snow in huge piles on the street, especially in the downtown streets? In my opinion, that is a traffic hazard. Is it job security to make the job from one day to several days?

– Clara Moore

Sand Creek Highway

Sand Creek, Mich.