2013.08.14 Tom Spiess: Bull Thistle Fest a success

The 2013 Royal Bull Thistle Arts Festival is now in the record books as one of the most successful ever.

The weather was great; the parade memorable, the food delicious and the entertainment was outstanding. 

In addition, the Phantom’s Bull Thistle Fireworks display (hosted by Harrison Lake State Park) is viewed by thousands and continues to be one of the Park’s busiest weekends. 

Fittingly, the Festival starts on Friday with the Methodist Church’s Ice Cream Social and ends on Sunday with the Community Worship Services at the Normal Grove. Both were successful and add immeasurably to the Bull Thistle Festival.

The Festival takes months to plan, and weeks of work to stage and is over within the span of a few short hours. It is an event that focuses attention on our park, community cooperation, the creative spirit and community life. 

That is what its founders, Herb Woodard and Jim Marlatt and their supporters intended it to be and that is what it remains.

Thanks are in line to those whose efforts made the event an outstanding success.

– Tom Spiess

Fayette Arts Council