2013.08.07 Adam Johnson: Golfing and fishing leave no time for weeding


The pending “aesthetic ordinance” for the Morenci downtown business district is certainly an issue for many people. I share David Green’s concern about a plan that would overly dictate what business owners can or cannot do to their storefronts and fear about “bright blue” buildings in our downtown district. But I am writing this letter about a much lower aesthetics issue downtown.

My issue has to do with the flora growing up through the cracks in the downtown sidewalks. In my opinion, the weeds really look bad and detract from the beautiful hanging baskets and sidewalk planters.

Like Mr. Milliman’s letter, the downtown weed issue is my fault. For the last few years I used to scape out the vegetation and spray Round-up to slow re-growth. Since my retirement I no longer have time to clean up the weeds because of golf and fishing commitments.

A few downtown businesses (two or three) are taking care of the weeds in front of their stores, but the others are not.

I would like to challenge the rest of the downtown property owners to take 10 to 15  minutes to clean up. I would feel a lot better while fishing or golfing, knowing that the downtown sidewalks no longer have creeping vines and weeds marring our lovely downtown district.

– Adam Johnson

E. Congress Street