2013.07.31 Kebben Milliman: Reader says it's his fault

After reading many of the letters sent by citizens to the newspaper and listening to many of the concerned citizens here locally, the entire financial crisis now embracing the city is my fault. I have determined that the closing of the Recycling Center, loss of certain City programs such as curbside brush pick-up and the loss of cemetery personnel was caused by me and me alone.

When my property value declined, as did everyone else’s, I did fail to drive down to the City Hall and volunteer to write them a check for the lost revenue. When the plastic plant removed all of the machinery from the building south of town, I failed to drive down to the City Hall once again and pay my fair share for the loss of revenue suffered by the city. When the recycling center was running in the red month after month and failing to clear enough revenue to pay the electric bill, I once again didn’t volunteer to run down to the City Hall and write Renee a check.

To those of you who are offering their opinions openly and freely, I sincerely express my heartfelt apology for not paying my fair share as all of you must have. I would like to thank each and every one of you who wrote that check to help the city. However, that being said, I truly believe that I am thanking very few if any.

Let’s face the facts. Property owners are paying less in taxes. Business concerns are paying less in taxes. The state and federal grant money is drying up. The City of Morenci does not possess a magic printing press like the folks in Washington, D.C. The city treasurer can’t call Barney and order five or ten stacks of Ben Franklin green backs when times get tight. I also really doubt that the city can use “Morenci Bucks” to pay their employees.

It is very true that all of us are entitled to our opinions and are entitled to voice them freely from the main four corners. Please forgive me, but I do get frustrated from time to time when DDG has to keep running ads and or articles in his newspaper asking for citizens to run for city council seats and or the office of mayor. Why does he have to do this? It is our responsibility as citizens of this community to step up and help out.  Opinions are fine and it’s OK to blame someone. But just remember if you are just opinionated and not helping, maybe it’s just not me being at fault and maybe we are all to blame.

W. Kebben Milliman

Cawley Road, Morenci