2013.07.17 Tom Coller: Still missing the recycling center

I know I'm beating a dead horse as the "City Fathers" have spoken and made up everyone’s mind for them! I find the forced "new recycling program" quite bizarre. I am having a hard time mixing everything together in a (hard to find, expensive) clear plastic bag. I have only seen one posting of instructions (that were unreadable) of what and how this is to be done and find the new process unclear!  

My two Cockers and I have been in the habit of making weekly trips to the city recycle center, then to the city yard to drop off yard clippings with a stop for a treat, trip to the hardware or grocery. This weekly ritual  is something they and I have looked forward to every week since our city recycle program started.

They and I have made a lot of friends at the recycle over the years and they will surely be missed, as will the fun of the recycling experience. I no longer feel like I am making a difference in keeping our carbon footprint in check. I "don't trust" that putting recycles in with the regular garbage is making any impact to the global warming problem!

What happens when the current trash company decides to raise prices and/or discontinue this service or, like so many other providers over the years, quit? Our city recycle was and is a great idea. It was a gathering place, a place that made you feel good about doing something for our environment!

I know my pups will miss the weekly outings to the recycle as will I. Our last trip to the recycle was so sad as I knew our outings would be no more. The pups would get so excited about the whole thing because they knew we were going, as I was gathering up the recycle containers. Another trash bag on the boulevard just isn't the same thing.

– Tom Coller, Buddy and Leo

Walnut Street, Morenci