2013.06.13 Cathy Williams: Kay Johnson should lead our schools

Actually I address this letter to the Morenci school board members, in regards to the three administrators leaving at the end of the school year. I wrote a letter two years ago about this same subject, but felt I should revisit it again.

I feel that a lot of the problems with the money shortages in the schools is due to being “administrator top heavy.” I know in years past we have had a superintendent, a principal for each school (3), an assistant principal, student advisor and so on. But these are different and difficult times! Money is short!

In all types of industry, or economic endeavors, we have all had to tighten our belts and do the work of two, sometimes three, workers. That is what is expected nowadays, more work from fewer workers. So why don’t we combine? I saw in recent papers, the superintendent had a base salary of $113,000 plus expenditures [Hudson and Morenci combined]. Wow! But then I don’t know what all of his duties are, he probably works harder than us “blue collars” do.

So, to get to my point, it was stated in the Observer last week from the board president that we needed an “outsider” to bring “new ideas” to the district. Another member stated the person “should be able to do the job.” And the board president added, “the prime factor is to have someone that has an interest in the district.” So what they are saying is, we need an outsider, that has an interest in the district and can also do the job? Why not a person that has been with this district for 40 years, wore and successfully performed under many hats, has the respect and gives the respect to all, is very well-liked by the students and the community, and is willing to do all she can to help this school system survive!

I have been told by numerous people that there are some members on the board that dislike Kay Johnson, for reasons unknown. But I always thought that “elected officials” were not supposed to use petty grudges or past grievances to decide on issues. They are supposed to “serve and act” for the “good of the school system.” So why get some “outsider” when we have a woman who has poured her entire life into this school system? Did we go looking for “outsiders” to serve on the school board? And did those “outsiders” that we just had to hire stay long? NO! What are we, a “launching pad” for bigger and better? Stop forcing your past grudges/dislikes on the students, teachers and parents of this school district. Put the good of Morenci Area Schools first! Kay Johnson is needed in a position in this school!! All those in favor, go to the Morenci school board meetings and shout “Aye!!”

– Cathy Williams

Weston Road