2012.11.21 Larry McMurtrie: No more mention of Maddow

As a conservative, I go to great lengths to avoid the outright liberal propaganda-and out right lies, presented as 'news' by MSNBC.  I am however, a subscriber, to the State Line Observer, and therefore was unable to avoid Rachel Maddow's viewpoint showing up on my doorstep. I have no interest in this particular 'newscaster's' point of view, nor am I interested in hearing yet more of what passes for liberals as 'logic'. I certainly do not subscribe to your newspaper to hear MSNBC propaganda. 

Your smug editorial left no doubt as to which candidate your vote went to, nor which ideology you subscribe. That's fine. Such is your right as an American. I might remind you, however, that Gov. Romney did in fact win the popular vote in Lenawee County. Your editorial's tone certainly made you come across as a very poor winner, Mr. Green. Very poor form to use your bully pulpit to parrot the views of such a radical leftist as Rachel Maddow.

– Gary McMurtrie

Pearl Street, Morenci