2012.09.26 Dave Warren: trouble with mail service

Approximately a week ago my wife and I mailed a birthday card to Betty Clelland at 9383 W. Weston Rd. This is the address in the phone book and our church directory. This was returned to us as NSN (no such number).

I took the letter to the Morenci post office and was told they don’t have that number in their system so it must be a Clayton or Sand Creek address. I am going to guess, but I believe that Albert and Betty have lived at that address for a good number of years. They lived there before I retired from UPS and that was almost 14 years ago.

We hand delivered the card to Betty. I have to apologize to the post office as the correct address is 9382 and for the fact that probably the Clellands are so new to the community that hardly no one knows them.

– Dave Warren

Meridian Road, Hudson