2012.08.15 John and Peggy Zachel: Jack Sampson left a legacy to Morenci

Jack Sampson left the historic North Morenci one-room schoolhouse as a legacy to the children and this community. 

The schoolhouse was built in 1899 and was closed in the 1950s when the Morenci Area Schools consolidated. It was left vacant for many years, until Jack Sampson offered to restore it in 2000.

He planned, worked and guided the entire restoration and never accepted a penny. Today the building is beautifully restored, and has been given to the Morenci Education Foundation.

The schoolhouse now has the honor of being named a Michigan historic site and  is included with the Michigan Historic Preservation Network.

It will stand for evermore as Jack Sampson’s legacy to the Morenci area.

– John and Peggy Zachel

M-156, Morenci