2012.05.02 Hudson school bus in Morenci

We were recently asked why a Hudson school bus picks up children in Morenci. Waldron sends a bus to Morenci to pick up students who chose to attend that school, but that’s not the case with the Hudson bus.

Superintendent Mike Osborne gave the following explanation:

The Hudson bus is actually a cooperative agreement between Morenci and Hudson. Both districts have students that attend Addison’s cognitively impaired program. Since a Morenci bus has to pass through Hudson to reach Addison, a decision was made to use one bus to carry all students.

A Hudson bus is being used because it’s cheaper overall, Osborne said. A Morenci driver retired and a new one would have been needed to make the trip. Hudson already had a driver in place. Also, a new Morenci driver would have  been hired at a higher rate than the existing Hudson driver.