2010.02.03 Lorene Whitehouse: Morenci Area Hospital

To the people of Morenci and surrounding area:

The buildings in downtown Morenci are for the most part a hundred years old or more. They have survived and are obviously still useful.

The Morenci Area Hospital at half that age is due to be torn down and be replaced by a new building for the “current needs.”

The existing structure was built with money given by Ray Herrick of Tecumseh Products, plus many monetary gifts by companies and individuals of the area: Lyons, Fayette, Waldron and of course, Morenci. Mr. Herrick insisted that it be built of Indiana limestone, an expensive but superior building material.

My question is: Why tear down a building of this quality when there are other uses that it could serve? Apartments, offices, museum etc.

 – Lorene Whitehouse

Adrian, Mich.