Sign Up: Having a garage sale? Please register 2016.07.07

Morenci's community-wide garage sale event is about to happen for the 28th year in a row. Dozens and dozens of sales; hundreds and hundreds of shoppers.

The event proved popular right from the start and it didn't take long before more than a hundred residents were registering to take part. Who knows how many additional unsacntioned sales joined in without paying the fee.

Most years, there are streets in town that are nearly impossible to travel down at certain times due to the influx of cars—many from quite a distance away. Shoppers see the ad in area newspapers and head to Morenci for bargains. They leave town with newly-acquired merchandise, and leave behind dollars in the hands of sellers and in the cash registers of local food establishments.

The Morenci Area Chamber of Commerce, the sponsor of the event, charges a $5 registration fee to pay for the advertising. It's costly to properly promote the sales, but it's worth the investment come the third Saturday in July. 

There's nothing saying that unregistered sales aren't allowed; registering is a voluntary action. But residents that set up a sale without registering are taking advantage of those that do sign up.

The cost is just $5; the deadline is Tuesday. Fill out a form at Hair Trigger Salon, Carl's Tapers and Shaves or city hall. Pay a few dollars to help bring in more shoppers.