Wiffleball Fun: It's a great event for Morenci 2016.06.08

Every now and then, something very unusual makes its way into a small community. Something very interesting, very unexpected, and just very odd to see.

That might make an apt description for this weekend’s regional wiffleball tournament scheduled in Morenci.

For most people, the event likely falls into the “Who woulda thunk it?” category. Traveling teams of grown-ups playing serious wiffleball? Pitchers capable of 70 mile an hour throws to home plate? That really exists?

Yes, it’s true, and it will be played in town all day Saturday with teams coming from four states, and with officials arriving from Washington, D.C.

It’s just a fun and quirky event that’s a real rarity and we’re fortunate that it’s headed this way. Last week’s tournament was played in site of Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. This week it’s Wakefield Park in Morenci.

We offer a congratulations to city administrator Michael Sessions for making the effort to put together an application package that was accepted by the national wiffleball committee. 

A fair amount of work has gone into planning the event so far and much more will be needed when the event unfolds this weekend.

It’s a great event for a small town to reel in. And a good and quirky time will be had by all.