Great Job: Fire department showed it's stuff 2016.05.25

Most every month when Morenci fire chief Brad Lonis gives his report to city council, he brags up the department members because of their dedication to training.

If there are 32 active members, 28 or so  of them will have made it to every training session, and some of them never miss. 

It’s a training regimen that requires plenty of devotion to the department and willingness to leave family and other interests behind for a few hours every month to learn new skills and keep old ones fresh in mind.

The benefits of that hard work were certainly on display Sunday afternoon when a semi-truck was struck by a freight train. So many segments of training were brought to the forefront in a multi-dimensional incident that required knowledge in more than just fighting a fire.

The next time the chief brags about his department members, Sunday’s incident will come to mind again. Morenci Fire Department really showed its mettle. Pretty good stuff for a small town.