Road Project: It's a good deal for Fayette 2016.03.16

Fayette's Industrial Parkway rehabilitation project looks all but assured now following a vote by village council members last week. It was a long time in the making and it's a great project for the village.

Efforts to get the road widened and repaved started last year with the local business group, the Fayette Economic Development Corporation. Industry leaders were asked for truck traffic estimates and the results were surprising. An enormous amount of commercial business travels that road every day. Some of the traffic enters and leaves town via County Road S, either from the east off US-20 or west from US-127. Other trucks use Main Street and some traffic comes from the north where trucks have turned off US-127 and approach Fayette via Morenci Road and County Road 24.

A good share of that traffic uses Industrial Parkway to reach industries, and additional truck traffic comes from shuttling parts between ZF-TRW and Indigo in the former Fayette Tubular Products building.

For the most part the road isn't wide enough to easily accommodate more than one semi and the edges continue to crumble as traffic is forced to move to the edge of the road.

The project comes with a big price tag, but to have 80 percent of the cost covered by grants is nearly unheard of. It's been many, many years since communities were fortunate enough to attract help at that scale.

Some village council members were understandably hesitant to embark on the project at first, but as funding sources became firm and councilors were convinced of the village's ability to repay its loan, support grew to the point where unanimous approval was achieved last week.

That's good news for Fayette and it's good news for the local industries that depend on the road for a source of transportation.