Good Move: Fayette has a great 'new' office 2016.02.17

Fayette village office employees and the police department are now operating inside their “new” building and it appears that the change of locations was certainly a good move.

It’s true that the old office served the village well and worked out fine as a village hall for decades. It wasn’t the best arrangement to have the fiscal officer working with the bats in the upstairs. When that layout was changed, the village administrator’s office also served as the conference room and the council chambers. The space available was certainly adequate, but not the best.

When discussion turned toward the possible purchase of the now-vacant bank building, there were likely some raised eyebrows—especially considering the price that the banking company was asking.

In the end, the price went way down and the Village had funds saved for maintenance and renovation needs at the old village offices. Better yet, Sherwood State Bank agreed to buy the old office that stands next to its own renovation project.

There’s no shortage of space in the new village office building and it’s not an aging structure in need of fixing up. It’s simply become a very attractive, spacious facility that should serve the Village for a long time.

Doubters should stop in during the open house proposed in April and take a look. This was a very good decision by council members and a great move across and down the street.