Left Off Atlas: good luck 2015.12.30

I sure do hope this letter reaches you since Morenci has been wiped off the new 2016 AAA Road Atlas! The erasure of Morenci, no doubt, happened at the whim of the person making the map. He or she should be taken to task, for sure! Moreover, the answer to your inquiry certainly does sound like inattention and does not do your query justice.

The residents living at Clark Retirement Community in Grand Rapids, Mich., have a street name problem, but that pales compared to being taken off the map! Our street name is now abbreviated. When I moved here in 2010, our street name was Clark Crossing (and still is to the locals). Supposedly, since the U.S. Post Office abbreviates names such as Boulevard to Blvd. and Avenue to Ave., we now receive unsolicited mail and items ordered on the Internet or through the mail at Clark Xing. Gee, is that pronounced “X ing” or “Zing?” Whatever, at least we receive mail at either name.

I was so sorry to hear that your city has been removed from the atlas, an action that is unbelievable. I guess I am glad that our street is still shown on a Grand Rapids city map even if it is “Clark Xing” vs. “Clark Crossing,” and we still get our mail.

By the way, Patsy Barrett, formerly of Morenci, gives me the State Line Observer to read and I enjoy all of your news very much. I don’t know why, since I was born and brought up in Grand Rapids. It must be the way the articles are written which are fun to read, such as “By the Way” and “Through the Decades.” My compliments to your publication.

Good luck in your attempt to get Morenci back on the map.

– Shirley M. Yule

Grand Rapids, Mich.