New Bank: Renovation plan is a good choice 2015.12.02

When it’s time for a business to move into a new area and an existing structure is in the way, the usual thought is demolition. The old building is just a stack of bricks to be reduced to rubble and carted away. A new structure takes its place, but something from the past is lost.

That’s not the case in Fayette with Sherwood State Bank’s expansion plans. Sometimes an old building isn’t usable, but Sherwood saw the value in the former grocery store and theatre. Rather than tear down, the decision was made to renovate.

Bank president Mickey Schwarzbek said last summer that the company prefers to use existing buildings when possible to maintain the character of small towns. He saw possibilities in the building east of the village offices and a consultant agreed.

The old structure will have a new look, but the old appearance will still be evident.

We applaud the bank’s decision to make use of old space through renovation. It’s important to have banking services return to Fayette and it’s a bonus to have it take place in an downtown building that has served the community for many, many decades.