Jeff Bell: Who Morenci needs 2015.10.28

I am writing in support of Jeff Bell for mayor of Morenci.

Jeff was chairman of council’s finance and legal committee that played an instrumental role in bringing Kamco Industry to our industrial park. In the last two years, six new other businesses have opened in Morenci.

The previous administration decided to lay off Eric Emmons from the cemetery, leaving a mess for the next administration to fix. That was said to be necessary to save money for the city, yet at the time efforts were made to buy the Paul Lay and Horton properties for over $120,000 knowing it would put Morenci into more heavy debt.

The city's general fund balance was never as healthy in the prior administration as it is today. The current administration believes in saving for rainy days, like fixing the ladder truck, replacing the city's well pump, paving main street, which would've all required loans to fix if our general fund was not 15-20% balance. Be prepared or be in debt, that's basic economics.

Morenci needs Jeff Bell. Jeff has an MBA in business management. He's worked 21 years at Sauder corporation's main office. He also has 20 years of accounting and tax service experience. Mr. Bell would work for the people of Morenci. He knows what the people want and need, and listens to them for the betterment of the city.

It's your choice. I suggest voting for a man who has been instrumental in bringing industry, business and services back to the people that were taken away by the former administrations. Vote for Jeff Bell for mayor of Morenci.

– Ron Apger, council member

North Street, Morenci