Fayette Water Park: The impact could be tremendous 2015.10.21

As a lifelong Fayette resident, I have seen Fayette during some good economic times (1960s, 70s and 80s) when the industries were all doing well, the downtown buildings were all occupied and homes were all well kept. Fayette was alive and well.

I have also seen (since the mid-90s) Fayette suffer in many ways. Several hundred jobs were lost when Fayette Tubular products and Peter Stamping Industries closed, several downtown buildings have since been vacant (including our only grocery store and bank), and many residential homes are in decline or foreclosure. The Village Government has had much less money to work with to provide necessary services to the community.

The community has been given a much needed “shot in the arm” with the expansion of TRW and Cra-Z-Art industries, the Wheeler-In Deli and Café opening, and news of a grocery store and the Sherwood State Bank opening in the near future.

Recently, there has been some interest in the development of land west of Fayette for a water park and other commercial businesses. The impact of a business venture like this on Fayette would be tremendous. Much needed dollars would be brought to the whole Fayette area. Existing businesses would benefit and property values would increase.

Now, I also understand that some people are opposed to this project because if property was sold then the taxes to be paid could (or would) be sizable. I bought my home  the late 1960s for less than $15,000. If I sell my home now I will have to pay taxes on my capital gains. Someone will pay taxes on our homes or land, either we will or our children or grandchildren will when we die. There are two things we can be assured of—Death and taxes!

Opportunities like this for Fayette may only come once in a lifetime and I would encourage everyone involved to seriously consider all the pros and cons before making a decision.

– Elwyn Bates

W. Main St., Fayette, Ohio