Food Pantry: A good community resource 2015.10.14

It was almost a year ago that our family received confirmation to move to Morenci where I took on the role of senior pastor at the Morenci Church of the Nazarene. Since that time we have met many wonderful people and feel blessed to be part of a great community.

One of the main areas that I feel this community continues to shine is through our food pantry. Our food pantry was established by the Morenci Ministerial Association as a way to help families with basic food supplies during difficult times. It is located in the Nazarene Church at 751 N. Summit St., Morenci. Residents are able to come in once a month and we have seen many families take advantage of this great resource.

What also sets the Morenci Food Pantry apart from other communities is that most of the food and monetary donations that come in are from the community. From businesses to organizations to the different events throughout the year, all the way down to the individual, this community has supported the food pantry, and I would like to express our thanks to the residents of Morenci for their generous giving spirits.

We also would like to encourage our residents to pass the word within our community that this resource is available for those who may need a helping hand.

Morenci residents should know you are making a difference in peoples’ lives. 

If anyone would like to come and see or take advantage of the food pantry, please call the church office at 458-7195 and make an appointment. Food pantry hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

– Pastor John Rister

Morenci Church of the Nazarene