Brush Collection: It would be a welcomed return 2015.09.30

Morenci’s city superintendent Barney Vanderpool remembers when DPW workers collected brush from curbsides continually. Most every day a city truck drove through town collecting branches and yard waste. That was a time when he was one of seven workers on the city crew.

Years later, with a reduced workforce, the DPW collected brush on a monthly basis and the job generally took three or four days.

The city has only three full-time workers now and brush collection was halted during a financial crunch. There’s no reason for collection to begin again with so few workers—there wouldn’t be time to get everything done—but city council is exploring other options that could bring back a service that’s been long appreciated by taxpayers.

Without the prospect of an expanded DPW, council is looking to contract the work to others. The city’s waste hauler has expressed an interest in taking on the job and now two other companies have offered proposals.

For residents with pickup trucks, the lack of brush collection has presented no problem. Other people have made do by placing brush in a container and loading it into their van or car. Others just have a lot of brush laying around the yard.

We hope city council finds a way to make it work in a cost-effective manner. It’s a service that home-owners will be pleased to have back.