Opiate awareness: Andy's Angels 2015.08.05

I invite everyone in our area to join the Morenci American Legion Riders in an effort to stop the senseless deaths of young adults to heroin. Our ride Aug. 9 is the start of what will be a long journey down this path.

We have partnered with Adrian’s Andy’s Angels, a support and educational outlet for youths, those addicted and their families. Together we plan to continue this endeavor for as long as it takes to make our communities and youths aware of opiate/heroin addiction and their deadly nature.

Too many deaths and overdoses have come to our communities, both small and large. Are we any worse than the other communities? We need to stop and think, do we want to be like them or better? We must strive to be better in protecting our youths and young adults. We must stop closing our eyes to this epidemic and stop denying that it has invaded our once safe communities.

We, as a community, need to become proactive in this fight before we lose more young adults and our communities become unsafe for us all. We all must watch our neighborhoods, look for the signs and then do something about it. We cannot continue to turn our backs, for it is here and it is real. Just ask any of the mourning parents who have lost a child or a child who lost their mom or dad. It is here, it is real, and it is deadly.

Many times heroin addiction starts from prescription pain medication, often after a simple sports injury. Statistics show that in Lenawee County alone in an eight-month period, there are enough pain medications prescribed to give every man, woman and child in the county 40 doses each.

Please join us and Andy’s Angels to educate and make our communities safer. Join us Aug. 9 for our ride or just the dinner at the Legion. Mingle with us and Andy’s Angels, ask questions, or just get a meal and take our literature home to quietly read. Education is the key. Our ad for the event is in this week’s Observer. Please take time to look it over.

–  Karen Yenor

Clement Highway, Morenci